Beam Splitter

A beam splitting machine shearing a steel i-beamGreiner has one of the finest beam splitting machines available to the structural steel market. Our custom built machine is designed to shear steel I-Beams into precision-cut tees. Our beam splitting system features a rotary-shear splitting process that is superior to flame-cut edges. It delivers greater speed, greater accuracy and is AISC compliant.

Our equipment can deliver a highly cost-effective, precision-cut supply of tees that are split from beams up to 36”. Greiner can then form, fit, or weld the tees to a customer’s exact specifications.

Beam Splitter – Equipment Details

  • Can cut tees split from beams up to 36” wide
  • Superior to splitting produced from flame-cut edges
  • AISC compliant
  • Greiner can form, fit or weld tees to customer specs

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