Gantry Type Machining Center

Greiner’s CNC gantry type machining center has earned a solid reputation for its high productivity, reliability, versatility and ease of use for operators and is perfect for large parts requirements.

We can drill, tap and countersink holes as well as spot-mill splice-plates, base plates, tubesheets, blades or anything else that needs lots of holes. Customers from many different industries take advantage of the accuracy behind our CNC unit – including bridges, buildings, power generation, off-road equipment, oil and gas, defense and aerospace.

Gantry Type Machining Center – Equipment Details

  • CNC unit that can concurrently drill, tap, countersink and surface mill
  • Easy part set-up
  • Large drilling envelope – 120” x 120” with 15” clearance under the head mount
  • Many customizable options

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