Vertical Turning Center

Worker operating Greiner's custom-built vertical turning center

190 inches in diameter and 120,000 lbs.

Our custom-built Vertical Turning Center completes the machining process in a single setup, which saves us time and saves you money.


  • Table size: 4000mm (157.48″) with the capacity to swing 5000mm (196.85″)
  • Turning height: 4000mm (157.48″)
  • Ram stroke Z1 axis: 2000mm (78.74″) with CAT thru coolant live tooling
  • Ram stroke Z2 axis: 2000mm (78.74″)
  • Ram size for Z1 and Z2: 400mm x 400mm (15.74″ x 15.74″)
  • Maximum table load: 160,000 lbs.
  • Overhead crane capacity: 80-ton with 36ft-6in hook height

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