Sectional Rolling Machines

A sectional rolling machine rolling a steel i-beam

W40x593# I-beam being rolled to a 100-ft. radius.

With our sectional rolling machines, Greiner can roll steel beams, angles, channels, pipe and tubing into complex shapes. We’ll roll or bend any size shape or profile to your exact specifications. And, the larger the part and the stricter the tolerance, the better.

Our capabilities are made possible largely in part to our sectional rolling machine. It’s one of the world’s strongest – weighing in at 235,000 lbs.

Sectional Rolling Machine – Equipment Details

  • Can roll up to a W44” x 262-lb beam the hard way (X-X axis) and any beam the easy way (Y-Y axis)
  • Can roll a W40” x 211-lb beam to a radius less than 100’ with almost no distortion
  • Can roll up to 24” OD pipe with 2” wall thickness
  • Can roll almost any square or rectangular tube

Sectional Rolling Machines – Equipment Details

I-Beam Rolling Up to 44” the “hard way” and any size the “easy way”
Pipe Rolling Up to 24” in diameter with 2” wall thickness
Tube Rolling Up to 30” square
Channel Rolling Up to 36” the “easy way” and 24” the “hard way”
Angle Rolling Up to 12” x 12”
Tees Any size
Solid Bar Rolling Up to 14” square and up to 16” round
Flat Bar Rolling Up to 40” x 7” the “easy way” and 20” x 6” the “hard way”

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