Bins & Hoppers

In the early days, most bin and hopper systems were used for dry bulk storage in the feed mill industry. Today, many different industries rely on metal bins and hoppers to store a variety of materials and keep their operations running at maximum efficiency.

From basic designs to custom designs for a specialized application, Greiner can be your metal bin and industrial hopper fabricator. Our team has years of experience using different materials based on project requirements, and years of experience producing different bin and hopper styles in large dimensions and wall thicknesses – rectangular, square and cylindrical. You name it and we’ve probably done it.

Finishing and Transport
Greiner can also assist with the other aspects of your project – from exterior surface finishing to the safe transport of your metal bin or hopper to its final destination. And when it comes to the installation of your bin or hopper, there are no worries. Your part can be designed to any configuration for seamless integration with your other pieces of equipment.

Bins and Hoppers – Storage Uses
Animal feed
Plastic/wood pellets
Industrial powders
Building materials

Bins and Hoppers – Industries Served
Oil and Gas
Pulp and Paper

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