Dust Collectors & Ductwork

If you have an industrial application that requires the removal of dust or other similar particulate matter, Greiner can help. We have the experience and capabilities to fabricate a variety of dust collection systems and the dust collection ductwork that supports those systems.

Choosing a Dust Collection System
Knowing exactly what type of dust collector will best serve your needs can be complicated. There are many variables to consider – your industry, the application, the kind of dust or other particulate that you produce and the usage level of your dust collector. Our experienced team can fabricate the most effective, heavy-duty system that will deliver big economies, long service life and a safer, cleaner work environment.

Dust Collector Materials, Shapes
Greiner uses a variety of materials when producing dust collection systems for our customers, including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and more. We can also fabricate a variety of shapes – ducts, elbows, transitions, branches, offsets and many others.

Dust Collection Ductwork
In a dust collection system, the ductwork acts as a hose that pulls the dust or other contaminants away from the source that’s producing it. Most industrial applications rely on all-metal construction for their systems because it delivers superior performance over other materials such as plastic. Greiner is highly skilled in producing all-metal, large panel, heavy ductwork for many types of industries.

Dust Collection Systems – Industries Served
Food processing
Mineral & mining

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