Oversize Transit

Specialized oversize trailer hauling a steel beam

With this combination of a 3-Axle Jeep and Greiner-built 4-Axle Steerable Dolly, we can transport a maximum weight of 157,500 lbs. Railroad Girder shown is 9 feet high by 121 feet long, and weighs 129,000 lbs.

Greiner’s Transit Division is the expert at providing oversize load transport for big, heavy products like fabricated buildings and railroad girders. We have the people and resources to move and position just about any wide, long, over-height and heavy load.

We routinely provide oversize loads transport services for big, heavy products like pre-fabricated buildings. We can also escort loads that require Department of Transportation (DOT) mobilization permits.

Our Transit Fleet
In addition to several tandem-axle tractors, our oversize transport fleet includes several tandem-axle trailers and much more. Learn more about our oversize transit equipment.

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