Industrial Blasting & Liquid Coatings

An oversize load trailer hauling a large vessel into the blasting and liquid coating facilityOur highly specialized industrial blasting and liquid coatings facility is the largest around. It is 500’ long, has 34’ x 34’ doors and a 100-ton “four-point pick-and-carry” crane system that runs the entire length of the facility. We have personnel trained in accordance with the NACE International Corrosion Society Program who conduct surface prep and application of our coatings.

Our facility and equipment are compliant with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Greiner holds the Sophisticated Coatings Endorsement from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).


  • 100’ long heated staging area
  • 100’ long steel grit blast booth
  • Three separate 200’ long coating bays
  • 100-ton “four-point pick-and-carry” crane system with 31’ hook height
  • Up to four coat Epoxy coatings
  • Metalizing for food grade and highly corrosive environments (please see our Metalizing page)

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